Hochschule Harz welcomed all the ERASMI projects partners to Germany for the kick-off meeting of the project. It was a highly productive meeting around a topic of significant importance, not just in the UK but across Europe. Robbin from Hochschule Harz was the Chair for the meeting ensuring everyone was given the opportunity for their input and the meeting progressed as per the Agenda.

The meeting facilitated the discussion of the partners roles and responsibilities within the project and their aims and views of Empowering Regional Actors & Stakeholders for Migrant and Refugee Inclusion.

The tangible results of the project was discussed at the meeting and the partners concluded that it will include:
Output 1-Provide actors with best practice (collaboration) blueprints in the field of multi-actor migrants and refugee inclusion.
Output 2- Develop an innovative learning framework and toolkit (IO2) empowering actors to enhance the impact of their social work.
Output 3-Enable and empower actors to improve collaborative planning and coordination of education activities in Interagency Networks with regional action plans for social inclusion (IO3)
Output 4-To ensure wide and free access, the framework and the documented processes and lessons learned from the networks will be shared on our interactive knowledge exchange platform as OERs (IO4)

The first meeting was a complete success and really set the tone for how the partners hope the project will continue to run for the future!