ERASMI Third Transnational online Meeting 9th December 2020

The Third Transnational Meeting of the ERASMI project took place on 09 December 2020. Due to COVID-19 the partners from Germany, Turkey, Italy, Ireland and Denmark did not meet as planned in Leitrim in Ireland but online in a Zoom conference. Despite the format limitations, the project team was able to work effectively on the outputs and to have fruitful discussions.

The Harz University team provided an overview on the status quo of the project and the International Compendium of Good Practices on network-based cooperation for migrant and refugee inclusion, which will be published in English, Italian, Turkish and German in March/April 2021. Based on the Compendium the ERASMI project will develop interactive learning tools and a knowledge exchange platform for the training of integration actors working or planning to work in networks.

In addition, in 2020, the ERASMI project established regional integration networks in Saxony-Anhalt (Germany), Umbria (Italy) and Tuzla (Turkey), which were reflected on during the meeting. In 2021 another regional network will be initiated in Leitrim (Ireland). The aim of the networks is to bring together regional integration actors for an exchange of knowledge to improve integration work.

The project team also invited a guest speaker to the meeting: Sandra Ruiz Moriana from New Communities Partnership (NCP) presented her experience as a migrant in Ireland and introduced the project Migrant Women-Opportunities to Work (Mi-WOW), a practice to give support to migrant women. Mi-WOW is looking to explore, support, and overcome specific barriers that Migrant Women are facing in Ireland during their job-seeking journeys. The project is designed to empower Migrant Women to reach their potential, rebuilding their confidence, and upgrading their skills to facilitate their access to the labour market and/or career progression in ways that are linked to their professional goals.

As social distancing in a working context is an ongoing challenge for everyone, the project team discussed techniques to overcome the challenges of remote work during the COVID-19 crisis by use of Miro, an online visual collaboration platform for teamwork.

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