This Inter-agency Network Development Guide aims to give insights into how inter-agency networks working for refugee and migrant inclusion are established, structured, and sustained. We illustrate some of the approaches from the ERASMI project partnerships’ experience in building successful networks, together with experienced partners of the ERASMI project have in inclusion and integration of the target groups, that are making a real impact in their regions.

The Guide to ERASMI Inter-agency Networks works as both – a guideline on how to establish Inter-agency Networks based on the ERASMI resources of Good Practice Compendium and Multi-Actor Collaboration Toolkit and the practical experience of Inter-Agency Networks and Action Plans – Regional Inter-agency Networks established in Istanbul – Turkey, Saxony-Anhalt – Germany, Umbria – Italy and Leitrim Region in Ireland, and at the same time as a dissemination of the actual work produced by the so-called regional Networks.

The Inter-agency Network Development Guide will enable and empower actors to improve collaborative planning and coordination of inclusion activities regarding refugees and migrants in Inter-agency Networks with regional action plans for social inclusion. Inter-Agency Network Guide and Action Plans put theory into practice and form strong networks of actors implementing concrete actions for social inclusion of migrants and refugees.

The Inter-agency Network Development Guide explains why engaging with various public and private stakeholders from the start can lead to a much more sustainable model.

It is important to state that there is no one correct way to develop the potential of Inter-Agency Networks for inclusion.
This Guide aims to provide advice on best practices backed by our practical experience and knowledge.

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