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Enter to Transform

Enter to Transform A Training Programme for Refugee Entrepreneurs Enter to Transform is an entrepreneurship training programme targeted at refugees who want to start their own business.  The programme is designed to introduce participants to the Irish entrepreneurship ecosystem and advise them of the processes they will undertake in setting

Compendium of Good Practices on network-based cooperation for migrant and refugee inclusion published online

Network-based cooperation involving actors with various institutional and personal affiliations is considered a promising strategic approach to successful integration. To showcase interesting and innovative networks and their respective approach, the ERASMI project created a Compendium of Good Practices based on a Europe wide survey of 55 networks in the field of migrant and refugee inclusion.

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ERASMI network in Saxony-Anhalt discusses networking success factors and effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

A successful first online meeting in July 2020 was followed by two subsequent network meetings in Saxony-Anhalt in December 2020 and March 2021. Because of COVID-19, these had to be organised as interactive Zoom sessions. The Harz University project team presented on December 1 on the topic of “Success factors of networking in the field

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Third Transnational online Meeting

ERASMI Third Transnational online Meeting 9th December 2020 The Third Transnational Meeting of the ERASMI project took place on 09 December 2020. Due to COVID-19 the partners from Germany, Turkey, Italy, Ireland and Denmark did not meet as planned in Leitrim in Ireland but online in a Zoom conference. Despite the format limitations, the project

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Second virtual meeting

Second virtual meeting of the ERASMI Inter-Agency Network in Saxony-Anhalt puts success factors for networking in the spotlight Date of the News: December 17, 2020 The current restrictions imposed by Covid-19 are still a major challenge for network-based cooperation in the field of migrant and refugee inclusion, and Saxony-Anhalt is no exception here. To foster

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Within a network, many great things happen! An interview with network expert and book author Christian Arzberger

Hello Christian, I'm glad you're here! What were the first contact points you had with the topic of networking? When I came to Leipzig from my home village, I started to distribute fashion. We helped small designers to get a market place. And if you have a store in the center of Leipzig, you actually

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Innerhalb eines Netzwerkes passiert sehr viel! -Ein Interview mit Netzwerkkenner und Buchautor Christian Arzberger

Hallo Christian, ich freue mich, dass du da bist! Was waren deine ersten Kontaktpunkte mit dem Thema Netzwerk? Als ich aus der Heimat nach Leipzig kam, habe ich angefangen, Mode zu vertreiben. Wir haben kleinen Designern geholfen, einen Marktplatz zu geben. Und wenn man in der Leipziger Innenstadt ein Geschäft hat, dann kennt man schon

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Finding shared values for networks

Shared values are the basis for successful cooperation in networks. They provide the actors with important guidelines, drive their actions and thus make a significant contribution to achieving goals. Uniting different priorities The point of shared values is primarily that all participants work towards a common goal. It is important that the values are not

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Gemeinsame Werte für Netzwerke finden

Gemeinsame Werte sind die Grundlage für eine erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit in Netzwerken. Sie geben den Akteuren wichtige Leitlinien, treiben ihre Handlungen an und leisten so einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur Zielerreichung. Verschiedene Prioritäten vereinen Der Sinn von gemeinsamen Werten liegt vor allem darin, dass alle Beteiligten auf ein gemeinsames Ziel hinarbeiten. Wichtig ist, dass die Werte nicht

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Why decentralized working is becoming more and more important

Not only in the case of global pandemics, but also on a regular basis for all projects that require teams to be distributed across different locations, one is virtually obliged to push the work forward without being able to meet in person. Here are some advantages that you were not aware of yet and some

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